What up

What have yall been up to?

Give me the highlights of what I've missed from each of you in 3 sentences of less.

Just got done moving team to Kansas last month.

Looking for a new job.

In my spare time I've been telling gaydance he's fat and njoying long bike rides.

spider man

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this is my new favorite stream https://www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita

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haha, I found out about her a while back, this was the clip that made me look her up.

Fuck this bitch just laid out the best relationship advice while I popped my head in. Too real.

also i have stage 3 breast cancer. monkas
full remission expected but that's a good synopsis of my life since september
how are you

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taking a year off starting march 29th to backpack in eastern europe and central asia.

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You trolling?

I thought you were unemployed. How can you take a year off from unemployment. :jacobkek2:

lol i havent been unemployed since i was 13

@kittens if you're not trolling then I'm sorry that this had to happen. I'm glad you're expected to recover and hope the best for you. You're younger than me so you have your entire life still ahead of you, hopefully this will be the worst thing that you'll have to deal with and can put it behind you to move on.

my life:

Went cray cray then got diagnosed with PTSD/depression, now on prozac, everything is gucci

Got a gf, she went cray cray, broke up recently so now I'm on sugar daddy dating sites to try to find some chick to date and take on vegas trips that won't cause me drama while I'm focusing on my job and school. Recently met up with some 21 year old asian chick who I had a good time w/ so we're going to mexico in 2 weeks.

Oh, and school is going swell.

I got a job interview for data scientist at riot games. Got to the last stage on site and then I got rejected. Really emo about that because I was running on like 3 hours of sleep because my gf at the time (one I broke up with) was hounding me the night before crying and causing all sorts of drama because she demanded I come over to visit her, but threw a fit when the first thing I did was start studying for my 8 hour interview the next day. Needless to say, I spent some valueable time and lost good sleep consoling her about how I really did care about her.

The previous interviews went well, infact the start of the day had both managers talking about how they were fighting over who would get to hire me, and end of the day being a fucking tired idiot and unable to present fresh ideas made me look like an imbecile so they proceeded to recinde all offers. OMEGALUL.

The interview was the last one I did, I decided I wanted to spend more time on school after that, finish my masters in 1-2 years then apply for another job,,,, but I'm prob being a salty little bitch so I updated my resume last week and decided I'm going to apply for Sony/Netflix/Hulu/Disney to see if I can get a call back.

Not 3 sentences

Wow that's cool, my brother is going to quit his job and do the Pacific Crest Trail in June

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thats the type of shit my gf would love. she loves long expeditions. nowadays im only good for like 3-4 days until i wanna get back to civilization. ive lost it.


Yeah I don't like going for extended periods without access to a hot shower.

I lost my wife.
I play dota and work and work out.
I go home to absolutely nothing.

So you're basically living the same life as me