What's worse USA?

What's worse

Orange Man


Poopy Pants Biden?

How far america has fallen to have a pres called poopy pants

Orange man

Sleepy joe


Somehow every single sunset has been absolutely gorgeous for the last couple months

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Probably a sign of the end times


I'm old enough to remember when we had President Hairy Bush

Trump is ultra based so its an easy answer

Biden literally shit on the pope lmao

Doesn't it occur to any of you that if Trump had shit his pants at the Vatican, you would never hear the end of it, but if Dementia Pedophile Joe Biden does it, it's nothing lol.

Nice media

Didn't the pope shit on Trump and then Trump vaguely shit on him when they had to visit for photo ops

oh you mean when biden literally had the shits nvm

radiation is really cool when it colors our upper atmostphere

i've pooped my pants

you guys are soff

other side of the pillow charmin soff

doesnt trump just walk around with a shitty diaper?

no he's way too soft to poop his own pants he would need an escort to the bathroom. kyle pls

fucking entitled indulged bloodbags fuck off plasma you fucking ■■■■■■

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Eins dwai drai fir fick dich