what's wrong with toprak?

Can you talk more about this? Sorry it's just a very interesting topic to me

It's probably just Low-T - the only time I have acted "normal" and "sociable" within the past few months is the hour after knocking on someone's door whereupon some 20s woman answered half-naked in a bathrobe.

Environmental estrogens? 15+ years of tight fitting swimsuits? Computer screens and anime? Programming socks? Inferior genetics? Middle school ball trauma? Where do it all go wrong.....


I'm bound by confidentiality for all my clients but I can say we employed a form of exposure therapy to treat the underlying dysfunction.


bound he says

jdance is also one of my clients. when he finally sent that video of him climaxing i nearly shed a tear. i have a proven track record of getting results for my patients.


Thanks. Can I send you a video? It's not to get help with any issue per se but just to get your thoughts

Confidentially ofc

Thank you for being a resource to our friends on the site.

yes, of course.

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You mean the time where you came to ts on your phone panting and saying something about

"I'm never having sex again"

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That was sociable in a way where it induced nmagane to suspend his disbelief and come up with 20 different scenarios on how it was 'made up'

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Sent. Your response & your confidentiality in this matter are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

thanks for being candid and honest. i will draft up a case plan for your input and review before we finalize it and use it for on-going treatment and case management.

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is the joke that grimelines has actually seen my genitalia before?

no this happened to me this Saturday.

Major feelsbadman.jpg moment today.

Got chatted up by some old-timer engineer about my thoughts on lawnmowers; by cruel twist of fate, I can offer him absolute zero expertise on lawnmowers and in fact can only offer him help on his actual job and what he was at work to do.

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He's used to it


mr iwinyoulose can you post more selfies i miss seeing your cute face