what's wrong with toprak?

recently saw this post

WTF is this dudes problem. I spoke about this completely in private and with confidence that I didn't want it spread around on the forum.


What do you mean? He's Based and redpilled.

My bad

Nmagane can you flag it?

Numetas on my thread guys

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what ever man

CulturedUrbanite try switching out your polyester undies for 100% cotton. After making this change I have much more impressive erections.

What kinda soap do you guys use on your nether regions?

regular bar soap

Body wash



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the original post by toprak is actually a lie: I have zero issue to maintain an impressive erection for lengthy periods. I am unable to achieve climax.

I have little to no feeling in my genitalia; it's almost numb. Has been for as long as I can remember. If I close my eyes and rely entirely on tactile sensations, I can't determine when I am being touched or not.

Are you cut?

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What is he implying here...


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That's why Nyte left him

Can you masturbate to completion?

My friend a2pas had a similar problem and I helped him overcome it