what's your favorite part of being an adult

i'll go first

getting to start sentences with "but" without being yelled at

Namafia choices

  • Getting to start sentences with "but"
  • Dick sucked
  • Control and sex
  • Hard work
  • Something about classes idk im not gay
  • Freedom
  • Being rejected by older women
  • Being outperformed and compared to peers
  • Playing videogames and music
  • Eating whatever you want

Dick sucked

Control and Sex

That's all I can think of

solid choices so far keep it up

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Sex really sucks

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Dragged home a 300 pounder yesterday and she didnt leave until 1 hour before work


Not once in my life have I had sex without regretting it

what's your favorite part of being an adult?

Hard work


thank you

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Being treated like an adult in classes.

"You should have watched the syllabus video by now. If you haven't, do it. I will not be talking about the syllabus today. You will be taking two quizzes. One to test your understanding of calculus and one to test your understanding of physics"

"Once you have completed all 50 questions class is over for you."


Physics classroom smelled like body odor and there was 1 girl for every 17 guys.

As soon as i left the humanities building and crossed into the science one there were no women remaining

Some of these covid educated youngsters are going to stand zero chance in this shit

yea you're gonna get that sometimes

The professor is old and balding, has been teaching physics for 30 years and kept saying cuss words

Throwback to that one time i hurt an english professors feelings for using the word "fucky" in a discussion post. Fucking fruitcake

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Go jack off to your "selfie" assignments you fucking freak