When DDOS is anonymized by TOR

When DDOS is anonymized by TOR, it's provenance is impossible to establish

What if it's not really DDOS at all crippling Empire?
Ever since Silkroad, markets have been too hard to get into, for 90% of drug users and 99% of drug dealers. Empire, being the largest market, has achieved the holy grail:- it's captured the lucrative darknet xanax market.
But with every silver lining comes a cloud.

I've got an alternative theory to postulate. What if it's a human "bartard botnet", made up of xanax users failing to solve the capcha - again and again and again?
No! Really, hear me out. Picture this:-

You're a xanax user and you're soooo high. You KNOW there are more bars inside the computer on some intellectual level, you've just got to solve a puzzle to get them out.

Trying to focus your eyes, you attempt to click your mouse in a box and miss by a fucking mile.
Is that a "g" or a "9"? Lips move as you type, eyelids heavy. Is it a traffic light or a palm tree? We've all been there on various drugs.
Becoming frustrated, failing again and again to prove that you're not a robot, the alprazolam really starting to kick in. Your manual dexterity is leaving you.

In frustration you mash uselessly at the keyboard, hands like dolphin flippers. Intellectual faculties reduced below the turing test threshold. Wyh barz no LttmE in?! u

You zone out for what seems like a fraction of a second as you remember being told once that the word "xanax" is a pallindrome, the same backwards as forwards like "radar". But it's actually been an hour.
Snapping suddenly into an upright position you make one final swing at the keyboard, miss, and hit the bathroom floor.

The laptop is downstairs, in the fridge. 2FA? It's out of the fucking question mate

Service denied by users of an RC benzo. ddos gets an unfair rap.


idk how anyone enjoy benzos for anything other than sleeping.

do they just only produce euphoria if you have an anxiety disorder?

they are useful if you get way too high and need a reset switch

even having them available incase you need it makes getting high much more enjoyable

yeah that makes sense. might be good for lsd come down because i cant sleep for like 15 hours after i do that shit

Another good option: dont do lsd

Good job ruining my thread, now get the fuck out of here.

Benzos and alcohol are really cool if you want to get your parents to buy you a new car

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they're like the fast forward button in 'click'

i really dug them when i was a teenager but haven't done them in years. i think they good if depressed and your main issue is how slowly time passes.

Guys these pills made by Teva Pharmaceuticals in Israel are a *little* too much like a concept explained in an Adam sandler movie.

I once did some type of benzo at a party with friends. The next thing I remember is waking up naked in my own closet. I couldn't find the way out, so I went to sleep on my dirty clothes. Capcha's would be impossible at this point.

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all gas no brakes is terrible

i like it