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lol this student hasnt had this professor before and doesnt realize that he wont have this test graded until 7 days after the end of the semester


my math professor also has 3 classes but managed to return our tests in 2 days..


jdance schoolposting is back boys

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are you back on adderall

no but i DID drink an entire carton of egg nog this morning

not watching porn might be driving me crazy


there is this organic egg nog that comes in glass bottles here, 1L is like $6 but its soooo fucking good

blows everything else out of the water

glass bottles pog


why buy premixed egg nog?

also I only feel right drinking it in december, hard and fast rule

fireball sounds gross with it, I usually like sailor jerrys or kraken spiced rum or with no liquor

i dont usually get this kind but i think they were out of the other kinds

i usually get southern comfort

i dont drink

it’s amazing. they also make 3.25% chocolate milk that is fucking incredible

try spiced rum with eggnog