When I call any other method the self is juist oging to tbe the ane of the ghins in froynt of the dto the agument si distance


yeah man ・-・・ --- ・・・- ・is a really good song

it's love in Morse code :heart_eyes:

do this homework for me

just give up on your grade and resign yourself to bsing and being ok with the b on like d level work like everyone else

writing intensive problems suck

< :rage: >

its almost fucking over bro then i can go back on khan academy and art of problem solving and learn it all over again

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already emailed the department saying im going to go forward with the CLEP route and self-teach myself calc and test out of the classes

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i am excited as fuck to actually learn

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3blue1browns essence of calc series is still so good for the overview

I'm eating expired 100% chocolate (Montezuma's brand from trader Joe's) and getting nauseous

alright just gagged and spit it up

welcome to obesity bro i do this everyday

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Rate the shirt

My gf stole and lost all my sweatshirts somehow

This is the only one remaining


not gonna give a number rating but it's good

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Thinking of buying this one