When you still think valve gives a shit about dota 2

So you completely ignore the fact that when a chinese custom game outshined their original cash grab garbage artifact, they decided that since these dumb dota players like to subscribe to shit like dota plus they might as well make dota chess plus.

Oh btw dont forget dota chess standalone is on its way.

i mean yea theyu're probs over working on dota that shits been around for fucking years

Since when has Valve done anything that's not a cash grab? Portal?

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Valve makes so much money from Steam™ that they have no reason to make more games.

Glad I didn't think that :smirk:

revert dota

privatizing dota ruined it :smile:

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game continues to alienate its most experienced players, who continue to remain in denial of their growing dislike for the state of the game, all while redditards and cosmetic buying feeders continue to run how valve patches the game, along with influxes of new retards who join in the buying market.

Old players dont matter and real dota players dont matter because they arent profitable.

i mean yea thats why u play melee nintendo cant ruin it with patches cuz its unpatchable and will always cater to its current hardcore fanbas.e

or like yall should pick a version of dota. i recommend 6.74