Where LBJ and Bees? :'(

Where LBJ?

Where Bees?
I heard Bees doesnt want people finding out his occupation and doxxing him.

Bees dont worry about being an assistant manager at Taco Bell you wont lose your job posting here :)

fun fact i thought bees was beesa until like a couple months ago.

what the hell

yea i was very misinformed lmao

people were being too racist here for lbj

prb left for the same reason (though he cited homophobia as well)

the racists were shit on for being racist and quickly stopped their shit


dan making NO sense again

maybe you guys are talking about the n spam im just talking about refpsi

nobody can shit on never-wrong-refpsi

Lbj very specifically left because of nmagane and benny calling him ■■■■■■ every time he posted

LittleBlakJesus left ultimately because he felt ashamed that he couldn't live up to my ideal of what a black man should be.

well that sounds solved

maybe but everyone calling him out whenever he did it seemed to do something since he doesnt talk about it anymore. everyone knows hes wrong even if he doesnt

They left long before refpsi dude

refpsi was actually hilarious

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Idk why you guys want to discourage a guy who’s making high quality posts about the Zionists

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(((You guys)))

because slowdive is unironically afraid those posts have a nonzero chance of converting ppl

Refspi is basically black/Hispanic and talking about how Hitler fixed Germany's economy