Where will the American Auschwitz be located?

In light of the upcoming election, where will America's Auschwitz be located? What's the number Trump's aiming for (6 million seems far too low)? Is it going to be filled with minorities or libtards?

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If we had camps there would be one near every liberal metropolis and probably 1-2 Midwest ones for good measure

Capital camp in the country of Cali for sure tho

Isn't it in Gitmo?


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Surprisingly good video I listened to the whole thing (2x speed)

Do this but for the weebs

Mankato mn

Use the Nevada nuclear test site and just build a large open air prison for all the libs

Gunna round up all the conservatives and put em in the Confucious Institutes.

it's interesting that chink "religions" in the West are for f*ggot libtard-esque nerds while in Asia they're based advocating for the genocide of mooslems.

You could use some meditation

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Who’s advocating for Muslim annihilation

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Biggest understatement of all time on this forum

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That's what they don't tell you about Free Tibet

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Look to Myanmar and Sri Lanka



That’s not me!