Where's bees

Where’s bees

He left because of you.


I miss bees

I miss illumerdati

I miss super dave

I just remember Quality poster and haxity had that one thread alone on a saturday night what up nadota

That one was fun

That was the worst fucking thread that ever existed

Klaze and Bees are on the annual Namafia Team-Building Moderator Retreat.

They’ll be back with fresh new attitudes and perspectives - just as soon as they’ve ironed out their personal issues.

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ok cool

bees is low key a powerhouse in the NAmafia

NAMafia New Rules for the Moderators after New Years:

  • Absolutely NO pedophilia

bees is my loyal henchman. he is here but i will not reveal him as of now. he is my sleep agent

No I really liked it.



Where is he

He said in our Snapchat group that he doesn’t want to come back to a place where ban bets have no meaning and roaches like you can just come back whenever you want

Can I join your Snapchat group


Re-education camp