whitebite pro

for u filthy animals with ur nasty instant noodle ass eating coffee drinking red wine stained teeth this shit works guuud

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Uh no thanks. Is this one of your new sponsors?

show those pearly whites or we don't believe you

Give me another week. Every day they get whiter. I don't think they will get like tv glowing white like some of those people get that's some real dental shit.

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i dont think it will get to that level but we'll see

These are veneers, they are not using teeth whiteners they are paying doctors to drill down their teeth and put fake ones over them

A lot of big movie stars and social media people pay for veneers especially when they start making decent money. I don’t know the exact data or if anyone has even tracked it but I think it is safe to say it’s more rare for someone in the public like that to keep their teeth and not get veneers

ur probably right chumlee would get veneers

you can tell those are 100% veneers just by how white they are. Normal peoples teeth never are that white. At least he got some decent veneers that aren't massive compared to his head. I knew a guy who got some big ass chompers his shit looked like that wind up childrens fake teeth toy

I know dentists with some pretty damn white teeth that are natural

I can't wait until next Saturday to see. Box says go 2 weeks max twice a day. Then take a 2 week break after if you haven't hit your results

I don't remember my teeth ever being this white

I'll take another pic next week but pretty damned white

lookin' good can't lie


I think I'm going to give it a weeks break now. Felt my teeth tingling using it last night loo