Who else is drunk ass fuckkkkkk

Not me. I'm sober 2 years

If you drink you are scum

Bad thread tbh

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Yo jdance bout to chug a bottle of this. Turnip hahah

If you drink, its probably because you go to parties and get laid
And you don't drink..

I quit drinking in July. just randomly stopped feeling cravings. not sure what happened there but ill take it


im yella

I don't like drinking


i have not drank in awhile. gave it up

:hmmyes: alcohol bad

All u virgens need a good cab in your system

Good to hear

some days i wish i didnt quit. today is one of those

It's supposed to be dry january

im not gonna do it but i want to

Kyle more like bile

jdance ur still alive? holy shit

Alive and thriving