Who killed the forum?


Just to clear the air here I am the one who voted for nyte

y'know, i once got mad at her for continually discussing your sex life with you in public and she essentially called me a misogynist


is it too much to ask to not discuss jdances sex life for hours everyday in between shoveling horse shit

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i think that marks the point of my complete insanity and descent into unpredictable rage and delusion that to this very day I cannot escape.

to be cucked by JDANCE and ERSU is too much.

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Goy Club and the fact that Dota sucks these days killed this forum.

I still have hope the we can still get a few mafia games in.

I still say Mafia itself was bopping untll the YNS game with two scum teams and a super gimped town squad.

Ketamine enthusiast nowadays tbqh

i played ultimate werewolf or w/e at a family event recently... not my thing. i prefer actual game pieces, with the exception of 7 wonders kek
give me meeples and resource pieces xd

also yeah, it was jdance when he turned this site into his own personal tumblr account
i still cant tell if the ignorance is authentic and that's not even being mean

nyte is a nice person



what sort of nice person starts a relationship with the founder of the Goy Club? Unbelievable to think someone nice would do this!

I'm the forum heartthrob

just microdosed for the first time in over half a year two days ago

gonna resume a once every 3 days sched i think

great posts, alightsoul

Merry Christmas everyone

I wanna play dota

nigge rcringe

Merry xmas ******s

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