Who killed the forum?

Now that the forum is killed, and the mission is complete, who do you think had the most impact on killing the forum?

  • Nmagane
  • Jdance
  • Big benny
  • Nyte
  • Nmamane
  • Notjones

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I casted my vote

  • All the goys constantly being dumbasses
  • Nmagane & benny annoying as fuck
  • Dan and Roragok lazy
  • Roragok's drinking problem
  • Dan colorblind and maybe bisexual
  • Nyte succubus
  • Yns, ian, alightsoul pathetic relationship issues
  • Alightsoul manipulative psychopath
  • Slowdive overmoderation
  • Faz moron arguing about mafia rules for 3 months
  • Jones stalking & harassing nyte
  • Loki insane
  • Dota sucks now
  • LBJ exists

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Jdance ?

  • Jdance blogging in every thread
  • Ewiz's aggressive Asperger's attitude

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This the best post in a long time.

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Got off work an hour ago and am sitting at a gas station for an hour to dodge my family even though my girlfriend is there

Jdance your blog posts are about the only thing keeping this place alive. :+1:

Eat my ass nigg er

  • Jdance lied about losing virginity
  • Grimelines nose candy enthusiast
  • Iafr brain fried by LSD
  • Kittens is already dead
  • Toprak weird feet
  • Kkat an actual boomer
  • Entire forum populated by misogynists
  • All the normal people left
  • I fucking hate Alightsoul dude

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i never stalked nyte and I take serious offense to being characterized as such.

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for all the kids out there:

A) don't be mentally ill
B) don't trust women in their 30s who message you on steam

recipe for fucking disaster right there.


its holidays right now it will be okay

Can the forum moderators give "nyte" the same treatment as ■■■■■■ via wordfilter. I'm unable to use the forum due to severe mental anguish and confusion.


There are no forum moderators.

A certain user (notorious linkedin bandit) is using my severe mental trauma for his own personal comedy show.


No moderators on the forum

nygger might be in the running for best new goy club meme of 2020.

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fucking alightsoul mindcontrolling me and ruining my mood