Who owns the NAdota.com domain

I thought this too since the guy has always been one of the top attentionseekers of NA Dota

That was in 2014

oh yeah haxity too

I thought this was just a rumor too and I doubt it’s true.

Also NAdota being worth 50k in 2022 is ridiculous, whoever owns the site probably gets little to no traffic to it at this point

If you Google NAdota then NAmafia shows up before NAdota at least on my Google


Would spitwad tell us

I think I tried to before but he didn't accept my fr lol

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just completely moved on and wants nothing to do with the website at this point

Maybe he never actually sold it and just took it down so people googling his name wouldn’t see it attached as the owner of a website like NAdota

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I would literally just buy the domain and redirect it here

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I'll try to see if I can reach out to him again

Do we even want people from NADota? Weren't those guys kinda weird?

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Yns is right the traffic nadota once commanded is probably gone

true but it also had friend and thelastbaron and those guys fucking own