Who owns the NAdota.com domain

Who owns it I want to buy it


It still links to some shitty spring tee website


I'm sure it's still Spitwad.

I'm sure it's not

If it's making money selling merch, then Spit is getting paid.
Or someone was foolish enough to buy it all from him.

yea didn't J buy it and then shut it down? isn't that why this site exists?


If spit still owned the site he'd be open to offers so the springtee would have an email to reach out to from. As far as I know this isn't the case. From his perspective he wanted noting to do with it anymore...so why continue selling shirts, renewing the domain, and not telling us how to get in contact?

I don't remember because it's been a while but I'm pretty sure ch0p confirmed to me that the site was sold

Maybe he had so many shirts that he couldn't afford to find a buyer that was willing to foot the cost of shipping the shirts to be resold by them, but I thought the shirt stuff was completely handled by springtee so idk.

Bro how many shirts can that website be selling 4 years after the forums went down? Like the domain is probably near worthless at this point but I would still pay a premium on it just because of sentimental value


Wasn't it sold to some guy who wanted to delete his posts?

U can do a whois or whatever nslookup. I don't

It's hidden on the whois. A little namafia mystery for the boys to solve

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henry dota bought it because it was being used to archive his toxic behavior before he reinvented himself and he though that stuff could get to reddit and topple his streaming empire.

u should talk to him.

I thought this was a reddit rumor/propaganda.

yeah this is not confirmed this is just the twitch chat ramblings of haxity that i have picked up by osmosis in whatever nadota streams ive frequented.

Maybe Henry just confirmed it to dick with him lol

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