Who'set Playes More Indie Games : WinterDeep Or Casey ?


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Well its me.

also is anyone else grossly positive in earnings frmo artifact or am i an anomaly

i refuse to believe i’m legit even though my like 60-3 keeperdraft score temporarily made me believe otherwise, simply on the basis of how shit i performed in beta or against other Real Players, but i dunno why no one else is talking about hwo they’re gaming the artifact market for cash

i’m literally up about $200 which is paltry in the grand scheme of things but i expected artifact to be a money sink

I’m at +6 packs after 2 drafts which I think is pretty good

You gonna admit you were wrong about his identity yet?


That’s not broodstar ewiz. You are mistaken - keep digging.

Then who is it?

I think you should investigate and let us know what you find out

60-3? I’ve played like 5 games with the pre-constructed decks!

I play the most indie games on this site.

(Pirated indie games)

Nice to have you back, Nmagane

WinterDeep or Casey ?

I eant him WinterDeep in me

Winter this dick

takes fat juul rip

Has Winter Deep Even Played ItB ?

Slay the Spire ?