Why are people so Nosy

I like dogs and my whole family hates them. So I can't get one, I had the idea to befriend the stray dogs in my neighborhood. There were 2 adult dogs and 8 puppies and after 3 month they are now trained and extremely lovely... I play with them daily and feed them... Now fucking idiotic people (some of my neighbors) are weirded out by me being nice with the stray dogs and playing with them (note that we don't even know each others and never talk or even say hi) they are in different villas so they don't even live with us... And today one of the neighbors told me from the roof of his villa while I was playing with the dogs that dogs transmit the corronavirus so I told him ok thanks for the info, then he told me to leave the dogs, I ignored him then he told me that they transmit the virus again then I told him that they don't transmit the virus, and that they only sometimes carry it on their body's just like any surface for example your table. He told me to stop playing with the dogs again and I told him thank you for caring but no ( note that he is old and I'm a teenager so I was trying to be as respectful as possible). And at night I was feeding them and I petted them. I heard a woman in a different villa to her husband or something telling him that what I am doing is wrong and if it was a house dog then it's ok... Why are people so nosy... Why can't I play with these beautiful dogs in peace... I clean myself and wash my hands after playing with them like anybody does when he touches a potentially virus carrying surface... But why are they so nosy?!!!

Because your girlfriend baked all your beans. That is why they hate you.