Why are you all so sensitive?

How are your fee fees so easily hurt?

It's indicative of severe personal issues.

Be more like FrankGrimes. Be more like YNS. Be more like me.

You're all a bunch of sensitive ■■■■■■■ with no real problems in your life so you imagine them up to feel some kind of narrative.

This goes out to:

Nut the fuck up and go outside and talk to people instead of crying on the internet

If you need life sponsors (someone to tell you how to live your life)

Contact the following:

What are you going to do about this @anon82208883?

You should nut the fuck up instead of having a detrimental mental state on loop 50x every day leading you be be permanently miserable

Jdance, when you showed up, who treated you in good faith?

Go out

Find some guy who you think personifies sexist behavior

And fucking kick him in the dick

Go out. Find a sexist pig. Break a bottle of vodka over his head

Stab him with a shard

As I thought

Take his wallet, find his driver's license, go to his house, ask his wife if she needs any help with the sexism

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Guess what when I was depressed or whatever nobody on this site helped me. I helped me.

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What is that supposed to mean?
I don’t really know that it matters because you ignored my question, I suspect because the answer would be uncomfortable.

Because I have no idea which time period you mean. When I first showed up to the site?

That's right.

It was me.

Why didn’t you just ask before?

Yes when you showed up to this site and started posting

I don’t think you count when you showed up together, previously unaffiliated with this site/nadota.

But the same applies to you, doesn’t it?

trust me ■■■■■■ you didnt hurt my feelings. or probably anyone elses. its just annoying as fuck, you come off as like a 16 year old. most of the people here are in their late 20s or 30s and dont have the patience anymore to deal with teenage level insults. i personally come here to have a chat with old aquiantances that I've met at tournaments or played dota with. you degrade my experience. you are just a random idiot trying to be edgy.

I'm going to spare everyone at this time, but there basically isn't enough bad words in the english language to describe what a piece of shit you are

Nice this is what this thread is about. Keep it up

and before i get a morality lecture from alight soul, please remind yourself that i would have never said shit to this ■■■■■■ if he hadnt followed me around tossing generic insults until i got annoyed

you're not funny or a productive member of this forum or probably society. please unilaterally shut the fuck up