Why does search suck

No matter what you sort by, the results are the same, and really fucking old


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What are the search terms

"Onlyfans" there, was trying to find a specific post and couldn't. But regardless of what you search, changing the sort doesn't do anything, really hard to use.

yea I've also noticed it's sucked for awhile

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always has sadly

Looks like it is finding good posts to me.

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I'll be the first to shit on discord but lemme stop you there -- those are actually the most accurate results you can get. those aren't vague metrics, they're literally most popular and most recent posts. get good at searching

you use @jdance if it's a post from jdance for example. or (this would be more reliable if people just on topic posted) you can search that thread in particular

maybe if you guys did this the "most relevant" section would be a bit more reliable btw. it's not a really perfect metric but that particular section is data driven and this tiny ass forum never has enough of it. it's probably especially inaccurate due to the fact that the forum has gotten much smaller over time. traffic is probably a big part of why it matters.

I'll see if there's anything I can do otherwise.

Thank you for the opportunity to let me do an AMA. I am out of high effort responses but If youd like I can chastise you if you say something that I find annoying. It's the least I can do.

this feature actually doesnt reliably work

I've tried to use it to find specific posts but posts by completely different users still show up in the results for me

actually it seems to be working now but it wasn't a couple weeks ago for some reason

can't remember what I was trying to search for tho

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yeah it might display posts where people were @ed but shouldn't do random stuff. I have noticed search being broken and being better weeks later tho