Why was Slowdive Demodded?

Noticed it was slept under the rug so wanted to start a discussion.


A fair question.

Hey remove my private pms

Especially with no context

I am very willing to share opinions directly

I have also been on the receiving end of multiple harassment PMs from Wintermute. I think he should probably be moderated, and I think it's especially critical to check his conversations with FaZ, with whom he seems very close with


This is a conspiracy that goes incredibly deep. Perhaps even to the white house

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"It's a story about a retard written by a retard for retards"

Wintermute talking to me about my favorite movie.

There wasn't even any context to this one - he must messaged me this with '...' as the private message title.

He should be moderated

Make me a mod

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What would be your first move as moderator?

As moderator, how would you tackle climate change, and more importantly, overmoderation?

There's no evidence that overmoderation exists or is caused by humans


Overmoderation is a chinese plot to halt American site numbers

overmoderation doesn’t exist and as such I will do nothing to stop it

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I think over-moderation was the reason cited for me being removed from the moderation team on the old forum.

REally it was a political assassination....


This is also a very potential motivation. Dan has said that communists are bad. This is the Mcarthy of our era

my namafia conduct summary


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Communists on the mod team are the real reason we dont have wongs yet

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That and Roragok never answers my calls

The Feature Team building the wong functionality wasn't practicing Agile Development Methodologies