Why West Virginia is so Poor

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interesting. why is upstate new york so shitty and poor? my partner is from cornwall ontario near the border and when you cross into massena, NY it's like post apocalyptically poor and shitty and rundown. do state taxes just not flow upstate?

the manufacturing jobs either closed up shop or left to find cheaper labor like the rest of the rust belt. i think ithaca is still pretty prosperous but it's an education city never a manufacturing spot

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i've never been upstate ny personally but i've heard many of it's ghost cities likened to flint and flint makes detroit look like a 5 star city

it's some of the saddest shit ever. if you're not near the airport you can drive for miles and only see gas stations, liquor stores, and occasionally a church still open for business. south side chicago still takes the cake for me stateside, caution tape almost every other block

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Great lakes area for US is like former manufacturing cities that got absolutely fucked by everything moving over seas and are now mostly shit-tier

Somehow for Canada it's all the best cities. Actually good places to live

@yns must watch

Video just keeps getting crazier. Goes to the trap house to interview tranq producers, talks about mexican cartel brokers and wuhan lab sourcing tranq materials, had to pause at the philly corruption because I gotta go do stuff but will return

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Wonder if this guy carries a gun

BTW for the record he has some weird sex pest behavior where he was using his fame to trick girls and get in bed with them and I am aware of that/don't support but the video is still crazy and worth watching

Why this thread?

Didn't want to start a new thread so I searched a while for the one that was closest/similar topic and this is what I landed on

I watched this already a few days ago, I didn’t like it as much as the San Fransisco one. For one I think he put too much emphasis on the aww poor people have it so hard narrative and through the entire exposition about how bad and negative gentrification was because of it getting rid of “culture” or whatever I just kept thinking what culture was he trying to save in Kensington and at least when they build all those shitty third wave coffee shops and yoga studios there’s no longer packs of addicts with flesh eating virus walking around openly anymore.


Flesh eating virus is simply part of the culture of hustle and bustle of the big cities

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Part and parcel

necrotizing fasciitis is the culture

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