Wikipedia Thread

I like clicking random on Wikipedia and seeing what I find. Today I found this

A town with only 10 people in it must be kinda crazy.

I'll share future interesting finds here, feel free to share your own.

This is my favorite small town. I fantasize about moving here all the time.

Wow I feel so connected to this place because I watched season one of

Fuck my brain today I swear

Frontier I’m good whew.

I don’t know what that is and Need For Speed Most Wanted is about to finish downloading so I suspect I never will.

Rural amrrica seems so nice

One of my favorite semi-plausable conspiracies :)

That’s a good one.

Today I found this.

I’ve actually read about this movie before, it’s supposed to be absolutely terrible. The guy who directed it tries to claim that it was satire/dark comedy but the rest of the cast says it’s actually just a really terrible drama film.

Skip all your classes today and watch The Room. It’s so fucking good

Hasn’t seen the room yet in 2018 smh

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sorry to disappoint div

give me a link ill watch

Search it on YouTube

Its there uploaded by the man himself

oh shit ill watch for sure then

Also if you’re into hipster chicks, talking about that movie is a great way into their pants

That’s certainly not my taste but I’ll keep it in mind xd

Smfh this kid doesn’t like hipster chicks

Don’t judge me.