Wim Hof Discussion Thread

damn im mirin his bro

i live in the arctic so im cold 6 months of the year and i never get sick either so who knows maybe theres something to this shit

I was the original wim huffer on the old forum. I think theres some biological basis to what he preaches but I also hate cold showers so im conflicted about doing it personally

Does standing in a block of ice and getting hypothermia cure existing colds like what I have now?

let ppl pick their flavors of placebos its all in good fun

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fuck homeopathy believers tho theyre the first to go in the next eugenics project

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? What about the whites

(And by “the whites” I mean the guys the white women are ok)

i met cernovich dudes straight up retarded

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Did he do the gorilla breathing technique on you

I haven’t been able to find that video in so long, I think it got taken down