Wim Hof Discussion Thread

What are you guys’s thoughts?

I find this stuff pretty interesting but I have to say it sometimes rides that line of cult-ishness/dumb shit people say when they get high

Maybe he’s just starving his brain of oxygen and that’s why he says things like “it makes you smell more and colors brighter”

Either way I have to say I’ve tried breathing and it doesn’t make cold any less colder

I think it was really funny when I tricked you into thinking my alt account on the old forum was a goy and you pmed me describing how you wanted to destroy the forum and watch it burn and then asked for instructions on how to proceed

You didn’t need any instructions, all you had to do was be yourself.

Who’s that posting

He sounds good

I knew who you were and was memeing you

You’re just daft, as are all the other posters that believe it when I post something like “Haha my Big Evil Plan To Ruin Everything”

Regardless @Mods please remove this user from my thread

Keep discussion thread on topic

Kill yourself

The funniest thing is that you’re an actual doxxer and ruiner of lives (as is Ewiz - read his actual messages when he thinks he’s not being watched) and you two are both just panicking because you’re realizing nobody really buys that shit any more


Like how pathetic can this guy be

Literally going in the music thread to appeal to the one nasty user left on the site who actually wants to harass me because I made fun of his failed attempt to get me banned in the other thread

Shut up, retard


Shut up, retard  

OH I just saw the music thread, hi hogs :slight_smile:

Go away dude

Stop ruining my thread

Shut up, retard

Nice try to save face, but you and I both know you were ouwitted, it’s a shame the moderators chose to do nothing with the valuable intelligence I supplied them. Maybe there would still be an nadota.com had they acted sooner. Oh well

Its literally like essential oils shit

“I used to get stuffy noses and cold sores but now I don’t”

Mixed in with like really gay shots of dudes with their shirts off

Shut up, retard