Winter thread

the rainy season has arrived in California

hopefully it’s long enough this year that half our trees don’t die and become fuel for fires again

i dont fit in cars like that; sux not being a manlet :(

My BMW m30

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In the winter it takes so long to get oil up to operating temp. I drive like a grandma most days.

ur supposed to take picutres like that in front of your garage not hte hobby lobby parking lot at 8:30 pm

Uh okay lemme find one

Don’t have too many pics near a garage


I wile out in my 01 civic 5 speed time to get my slide on WOOOO

I remember driving my miata in the snow for the first time. Spun out in the middle of an intersection doing stupid stuff. Did a 720 degree spin and then went on my way like it never happened.

I guess im the only guy who lives in cold shit

It’s pretty cold dude

My friend has an old lady sitting his dog. She was gonna use his internet to watch TV with something he set to for the week hed be gone but the power outage that happened in Illinois hit em and she has no idea how to reset a router. that poor old ladys been sitting in a snowed in home with nothing to do lmao

Bet she had plenty of nice hot tea though

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yep its winter

It rained today omw back from dnd shit was cray

Aint no lovin

In the heart of the city…

This is my first time experiencing winter and I hate it.

I love the look of snow and everything but no one talks about when it’s snows and sleets. Or like when the snow mixes with oil and gets all black and gross. Or rusting the bottom of your car so you gotta buy a beater.