Wintermute - a disgusting liar

He told me on this day in October that he would show me a pic of his gf and I waited all this time and what does he say this time? “Idk ask me next month”

He’s never going to show me his girlfriend even though he made me a promise

Now you know what the rest of the forum has known for a long time


I waited fucking patiently fuck you let the doxxing begin

He kept pming me asking for pictures so I told him ask again in a month

I guess it’s been a month because he asked again this morning and I didn’t really know what to say so I tried the 1 month thing again

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Hey guys. Just arrived at the venue. Im excited to be surrounded by like-minded people

I really had no idea deepthroat was fucking bottom of the barrel chicks

Well who did you think he meant when he said “talking with this bartender - she likes dayz and dayz”

Shut up you’re not innocent either

I’m 100% innocent

Actually, the bartender hated days n daze. She was into Leftover Crack

I bet she was hahaha

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Let’s all share stories of the moment when each of you learned I was lying and manipulating you

When i couldn’t access sdad

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Your right lol


I’ll send you a picture of asoul’s gf if you tribute it and post it here


i think every time wintermutes tried to manipulate me the results have been too boring for him to want to continue