Wintermute is doing it again and I wish he would stop.

Nobody, hopefully

I just opened the page incognito light mode to see that div does, indeed, have a pink name

there goes another website - ruined by the SJWs.

Nice I didn’t know

Don’t hit on me silly boys

And don’t even get me started on your avatar

Please do.

Get mad, get energized, get motivated

Be the change you want to see

No I’m just sad and tired today

anybody watching the haunted house on the hill on netflix

I’ve seen it enough times

No is it good

fairly fun

its got a the shining by stephen king vibe

Never seen

its a book

I still doubt I’ve seen the book

MN folks are weird. I’ve got an online bud from there who doesn’t care about divulging his information either. Like 7 years ago I asked for his address so I could send him a pipe [redacted] and it turned out the one he gave me was legitimate. Unfortunately he’s not in delivery range of JDance Pizza LLC.

Id give you my address but other people live here it’s the only reason I care bud

I’m sure I’d be able to figure it out and connect all the necessary pieces after a quick LinkedIn check

Okay!!! Do it Mr. Doxman - you don’t respect anyone’s privacy.