Wintermute is doing it again and I wish he would stop.

After sharing my full name here:

I get this email today:

That is not a cooincidence. Wintermute is attempting to gleam more information about me via social media sites and I personally do not think this is okay.

Is it a good idea to post the names of people around u lol

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He is going to hide behind some meme excuse but I think he gets off on stalking people.

I don’t really care what are you going to do?

About wintermute

You shared your name several times, I’m not going to do anything because you should’ve seen it coming idiot

It’s my @#$*ing name. Why would I need to share a secondary name. Names aren’t supposed to cause trouble @big_ass

I wanna do more cocaine

Is this one of those times were jdance is being ironic and only certain people will be able to understand?

not me

Why even make a LinkedIn if all you do is deliver pizza

For the record I’m aware you’re playing but I can’t joke around at all because the entire forum will post shit like “oh wow that’s pretty evil. He looked at your LinkedIn?”

I’m not fooling around. I’m literally yelling right now.


Don’t worry Matthew, wintermute is harmless

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This is the problem with this community. Nobody can be trusted except for me, and I don’t even trust myself

Who in their right mind would trust “ilmemmerdelui” with a pink name posting shit about how big brain and neuroscience’y he is…