Wintermute's Weekend Workshop

In which we build cool things and try not to learn anything about discourse

Post in here if interested

The plan is to deliver 1 major feature this weekend and then see where it goes from there

I wanna learn blacksmithing

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How much free time u have this weekend

add post counter next to our names ffs

No discourse features

if its a discourse feature why isnt it enabled? @Roragok it was on the old site

Read @nmagane’s manifesto on discourse

This is going to be the guiding principle of this thread

What is happening here

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Begin every standup with 15min of quiet meditation on nmagan’es posting

parts of tomorrow.

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Thanks but I don’t do programming.

Mak a plug-in that makes the site bettr

develop a KZZ bot

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Anything to stymie the drinking

I’ve been working on this with Prolog for a while Ill keep you posted

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invent a broodstar and airhogs bot


This means I have to do no work whatsoever and neither do any of you

Goal for weekend accomplished