With regards to lounge access

Hey, was told to make this post to clear the air a bit. I am not friends with nmagane anymore. He will never in a thousand years post or has posted on my account. I believe I have been posting productively for the last two months now and deserve access - thanks for reading.


I AM friends with nmagane and he MAY or MAY NOT post on my account.

And i still have lounge access

unban p4t

ofc instant ban for anyone sharing their account with somebody who is banned, even if the dudes just Reading. Banned posters can read most of the forum without your account, and They lost the privileges of reading the lounge when he got banned. sucks but dont break easy rule like dont repeatedly harass or dox posters and you wont get banned and then you can read AND post in the lounge xd.

I have not doxxed any posters. Harassed might be a debatable topic in terms of verbal exchange but so does 80% of this forum. The biggest case of doxxing has been by YNS who is still granted access. Thanks for responding.

no problem. as i said in PMs ill say it here, as long as you understand why nma's awful and not worth having around and youre not doing questionable shit with information posted in the Lounge i dont see why you can't be there. i want you to safely blog about your life without him knowing anything about what youre saying and i think you have a lot to add to discussion, lounge or otherwise :)

well he's the same as nma keep him banned

Can't blog about my life safely when nma and benny are present

are other lounge members fine with benny having access? if you arent feel free to post about it here so we can clear the air. i will always know if nma is on his account so you dont have to worry about that

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If you can guarantee that he won't be onto any lounge accounts then I unironically will blog to that regard a lot more. I appreciate it though - can respond more in PM's if required.

Just for the record: I don't really trust asgharwhk's input due to him giving his acount to Nmagane recently.

Yea, i can guarantee it. at this point im almost making it personal but i just hate people who want to hurt others for funsies and just expect to get away with it. I care about too many people here and I want them to feel like they won't be exploited for being themselves or talking about personal things behind closed doors. I'll do everything I can to keep banned posters out of the lounge.

are you seriously believing what Benny is typing lol

Sometimes I can’t believe how gullible u and iaafr can be about this shit

Want to offer any sort of opposition to what I said? You're the person who doxxes and harasses. Saying "gullible" and "I can't believe you believe" but never backing yourself up makes you look psuedo-intellectual and daft.

You just lie when you don't get your way.

what r u like a reformed convict or something dude did u find god and now u feel like we need to give u a chance to show how good of a person u can be or something?

u r weird bro keep this guy out of the lounge he's just going to take screenshots and fuck with people like he always does

ill vote Yes if u promise your sorry.

It’s cemented disappointment