wonder what hogs is up 2

i don’t remembe rlal the posters i had some semblance of respect for but airhogs is the only one i can recall

bet he’s still shitposting on ra

also looking down the hitlist of dead steam friends is a blast from the past. kfc last online 2 years ago, kzz 8 months, inphinity/paintitgold 1 year ago, arteezy and brax removed me the cocksuckers

anyway i just came to see what the Great Goy Club + Asoul Minds thought about artifact

lets go gun shopping casey

I too wonder what air hogs is up to. Every day.

Come back!!!

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You guys must live with your eyes shut

Inphinity quit videogames and only texts me when he wants drugs :[

I miss hogs.

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I think airhog got mixed up in some online CyBeR-CuLT called THE COVENANT

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I see a poster posting with an avatar of the face of a girl tastefully adorned with blood that looks like an homage to donaman’s spam thread asking for artistic pictures of women with bloody noses and I also see in its profile a picture of a playpenned baby possibly symbolizing that poster’s long and troubled history with forum moderation

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relax im just visiting

i tried to add u on steam but i think im realizing i just like the idea of our burgeoning efriendship more than its actuality

i wanted to like shaved objekt head release more than i do but the lost and found mix is sick

also listening to a whole lot of “thank u, next”

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A lot of people crticize the new objekt album saying it’s mostly just him showing off cool sound design, and that they’re not really good songs in a traditional sense I guess and I think I agree.

the autechre sessions are a monumental artifact in sound design


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8 hours of autechre is too daunting of an undertaking for me I think lol

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do you also listen to video game title screen music

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this slay the spire-like roguelite by the dude behind super hexagon called ‘dicey dungeons’ had an 8-bit remix of britney spears’ toxic which i found addictively amusing

airhogs couldn’t do better

Super hexagon had a great soundtrack