World Cup Final

Who you guys got? I've been saying France this entire tournament, sticking to that prediction. I've really liked Mbappe for a while now, but seeing this yesterday really annoyed me. Sucks that every good young player these days does shit like this.

I’ve had Croatia against RUS and ENG so I guess I’ll go w them

France is gunna win, when they won yesterday the streets were filled with people it was mad

Sunday is gunna be so fucking lit here


hope croatia wins. fuck france forever and especially fuck macron and his greasy ugly face

Why are you in France?

I live here fam

If I visit can we hangout :slight_smile:

Yes depends where tho, I hate Paris so that’s out of the question

The warriors got this

My brothers are doing it :croatia::croatia::croatia::croatia::croatia::croatia:

Now I’m upset that my team is related to Amer…

Why do you dislike me

fuck England woo

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You used to make some godawful posts in the blog. And were awful at mafia

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I apologize for the posts in the blog thread, didnt articulate myself very well. Dunno what you mean with that mafia stuff, i won my last sk game.

Im honestly pretty happy with nadota being gone. I wasnt in a good place when i was posting there, now its history.

I want my coques to win

go Croatia fuck France



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