Worst Part About the CoronaVirus Market Crash

I'm not fat!

ahh you still gross though so it's all the same really

Can't wait for kittens to join teamspeak and get harassed then proceed to bitch about it on the forum


I guess you are about as well adjusted as anyone else in there

based on what?

based on ■■■■■■

This shit actually goes hard in the paint yo

The market isn't crashing due to corona virus the market is crashing due to a 10 year bubble fueled by rampant speculation & market manipulation by the fed being punctured by a sudden threat (corona)

The crash itself is also speculation. Nobody knows what the impact of the virus will be.

The american public is already being prepared for another bailout. NPR says "airlines, cruise lines, oil industry"

Why would i want the government to bail out any of those industries? You're telling me it will save the economy? I thought free market capitalism was supposed to save the economy ??

open strangles on vxx

Lady on NPR, remarking on Tinder losing users due to corona fears: For now, you may want to Netflix and chill with yourself.

Joke's on you, lady. I've been netflix and chilling with myself this whole time. Gonna keep doing it even if they ban me

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sell the calls on next crash day, sell the puts after it calms down, or vice versa

You are just going to lose all your money.

Frantically googling "toilet paper stock" after seeing all the shelves empty at the local supermarket

Are you still in boston iaafr?

Turn on the radio, let's live commentate wgbh

Current discussion: Biden aide talking about absolutely nothing

Let's be honest guys

Sleepy Joe brings absolutely nothing to the table and did nothing in the white house. He's campaigning on nothing and will probably win just because he's not donald trump


depends on how bad the economy tanks from coronavirus