Worst Part About the CoronaVirus Market Crash

is there an index fund bubble? are market index ETFs intrinsically flawed? will we ever know?

not for the forseeable future XD

I gotta say hats off to the Saudis for opening the flood gates again.

They did it to the Soviets for invading Afghanistan and now they're doing it again to Putin lol

Makes me wonder if @KrazyKat is going to become unemployed. Doesn't he work in the oil fields?

the thought thousands of morons living in RVs like divorced men out of a job is extremely attractive.

not going to attempt to fix that

They laid off 5 people yesterday. My boss says my job is secure for at least 6 months.

edit: 6 now.

Based ■■■■■■

why does toprak look like casey in hyoru avatar


yeah i was wondering if they somehow perfected the infinite growth formula

Because jones went into photoshop and stretched and dissovled my face. He somehow thinks it's funny.

bruh Wuhan Virus scaring me from hustling esports on the streets. Way too much contact with hoomans.

No pussy
make me my money


Need a female night elf resto druid on the guild if you're interested. Can mail you gold.

We already have a female night elf feral druid but unfortunately he's black and goes sicko mode in every dungeon chainpulling packs while the healers OOM thinking he's in a progress BWL raid.

i never got into WoW sorry :c
i did ask jones for the ts info though cuz i lost it and he never replied

God kittens is a fucking retard Jesus Christ


They literally just want to make fun of you, retard


lol when this guy still thinks anything i post matters or is taken seriously by myself or anyone else

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Hes just looking for attention. very cringe.

nobody is going to make fun of her you fat faggot . stay in your lane