Would You Allow J Back Into The Site As A Beloved Member If He Apologized For Closing NaDota?

J was definitely a huge part of the community and whilst this forum is a step forward from nadota; it’s definitely missing that touch.

Would you be happy if J were to return?

  • Yes but with apology
  • Yes
  • Not really

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First thing he should do is to change the redirect from the t-shirt shop to this site.

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If he did this I wouldn’t even change the logo so he could offload some shirts

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Like this comment if you dont care


like this comment if u think the post above sucks


Im giving people another choice, there wasn’t one when i opened this thread

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WHats with teh capitalization on this thread title


only narcs capitalize like this. its some kind of FBI sting operation

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can he bring back epoch warstyory

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We desperately need J on admin team. Nobody else can make subforum icons like he can.

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