Would you care if toprak ****?

From my reading of Dostoevsky atheism and suicide are deeply connected, in a sense suicide is the ultimate manifestation of nihilistic atheism, in most of the characters it is the result of viewing morality as man made and changeable and there being no purpose in the world. I believe Dostoevsky had a nihilistic streak within him however this nihilistic streak was balanced if not completely overpowered by his deep Christian Faith. The nihilist serves the man-god while the Christian The Godman, one kills himself in order not to live another takes death upon himself so that all will live. It is by taking refuge in the Godman that dostoevsky defeats his inner nihilism and I believe this is shown in Crime and Punishment Brothers karamazov and finally dream of a ridiculous man

Can you elaborate?

@Vanilla_Town assured me of toprak's faith in islam and mocked me for assuming otherwise

Yeah he's cool

toprak is one of my best friends

did he beat spelunky yet?

Not even close.

it's really wholesome when you coach and commentate him through games. reminds me of playing turok with my sister :hug:

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toprak is my little sister

based and cobpilled

This is out of pocket