WoW thread

Started playing vanilla again, its lowkey fun


Nost I think

I would play this game (vanilla) all day but I don’t want to play dungeons with random grinding fags.

If you’re playing on Northdale that’s Lights Hope, they’re just using the Nost code.

I play vanilla with my brother every now and then

All my best internet friends have better things to do than playing Vanilla WoW.

i’m gonna restart with bfa, mythic argus gave some of my guildmates ptsd so the roster will be interesting. at least we got the kill around 300 something wipes

not as hyped as i used to be, but excited to start playing with those friends again.

Retail WoW is the most virgen game on earth. On the other hand, vanilla is one of the best.

i really enjoy both, they’re definitely very different games though. luckily i have slept with at least one person too


i got sucked in after my best friend convinced me after i lost a GF and a job at nearly the same time gimme a break

I actually can’t imagine wiping 300 times on a boss before killing it, clearly I’ve never done content that hard before

that’s insane

it really was quite an experience, one of our best officers/dps and another healer both quit before we even got it. took us so fucking long and i basically quit for an extended period a couple weeks after the kill cause of burnout. i’m definitely proud of it though! here’s our ret pallys perspective of the kill, i still play balance druid.
we missed world 500 by a slim margin but kind of got fucked with scheduling

Damn and to get it like that with only a few of you alive at the very end, that’s ridiculous

I was waiting for the hype explosion but you guys actually seemed pretty calm, lol

nice anime chatblocker

Leveling mining sure is a fukcing drag

i just started playing again after my brother told me they brought back twinking, anyone wanna play 19s, 29s, 39s hmu (tho i only hAVE a 19 rn)

it sure fucking is

I miss 49 bg on my vanilla server. Always had at least 1 or 2 games going.