yns inteview [kyle interview #2]

yns interview

hello thank you for accepting this interview.

Hi Kyle, thanks for offering the opportunity to interview, I’m glad someone with such symmetrical eyebrows could interview me.

Q: okay so what does “yns” stand for?
A YNS stands for “You’ll Never Succeed” its a reference to the dark time in my life when I was full of depression and anxiety and felt I could never lead a happy and successful life. Thankfully now things have changed.

Q: do you ever worry about appearing racist? is racism bad?
A In regards to your second question, yes racism is bad and I do my best as a citizen of California to fight racism and (not) our “president” Donald Trump everyday. I regularly check my privilege to curb appearing racist but I’m imperfect like everyone and sometimes may use my privilege as a white male unknowingly as much as I try to avoid it and help POC.

Q: what is your order when you go to mcdonalds?
A I order 20 McNuggets with honey mustard and buffalo sauce.

Q: in your own words why is mcdonalds the best restaurant to exist?
A Mcdonalds is alright the best you fucking clean nice man I always get it

Q: with that being said, where did you find your last giflriend and why did she break your heart?
A On tinder, she went back to china

Q: okay so you’re telling me that wintermute had something to do with your previous girlfriend breaking your heart?
A Wintermute contacted my girlfriend with various posts I made about fucking her and she at first didn’t understand them but after getting someone to translate them she was VERY upset.

Q: so you’ve smuggeld drugs in your asshole before? id like to know more, where were you taking the drugs, why were you taking them and did it burn your anal cavity?
A I’ll stick you in my fucking heart you large smart person I always agreed to this good interview complete good person, congratulations YOU

Q: ok that is all. thank you for the kind words
A kyle youre really smart, and handsome.

Q: any shoutouts??
A I’m going to compliment and shout you out again nice person, shout outs to the wu tang clan. you can live a long and happy life

again id like to thank yns for accepting this interview, we put a lot of planning and execution into this inteview and im happy we can finally publish it(people have been trying to prevent it from happening)


Good interview, thanks for stepping up to the plate @yns

“shot outs to the wu tang clan”




Wow real yns interview?

Whens the witch Hunt start?

Also I always thought yns stood for Yung (n-word) Sigma or something. Good to know.

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i’ve brought out my big boy journalism pants for this one, i think i was able to drop some bombs here(like alightsoul, but my bombs are mind bombs and his are like osama)

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@theGreatWingdingi what the hell bro? Bro…

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It’s dotakyle’s idea of a joke

@dotakyle is This funny?


i did not write that. yns wrote that so you can question him.

stop the fake news that youre spreading around this website or i will form a hit piece on you

Every one of your posts is a hit piece on me

this is your final warning alightsoul. stop or i will put it together faster than you can blow up bennys house(again)

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@dotakyle requesting an exclusive interview please. I have juicy insider deetz

there are many things in the works. perhaps we can get something going, but im not quite sure yet.

@wontemute told my girlfriend that I had posted about her being the girl reading this <3