yns mafia day 1

this is thread for yns mafia day 1, this is a closed setup.

there will be no bans enforced this game, feel free to act as retarded as you'd like but I will mod kill you for bannable offenses or just being gay/annoying.

at any point in the game you are free to suicide by pinging me and stating that you would like to suicide, no role or alignment will be revealed by your suicide.

day will end on 2019-07-20T21:00:00Z or around there

day has started as of this post

@mafiabot startday [3936]

@mafiabot vc

@mafiabot startday 3936

@mafiabot vc


Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

iaafr, bazingaboy, ian, Friend, epok, slowdive, fuckmafiauniverse, kyle, KrazyKat, Gamut,

Alive Players - 10

Majority Vote - 6


Iā€™m gay


rolled scum

let's see who I can mislynch

I hope we're all able to enjoy ourselves here

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same lets be gay together : }

awe guys im so happy and as a result ima try hard and be a team player

lets fuck this shit up also if u kill urself ur a bitch

i stayed up for 35 hours and didn't eat for 20 of those hours then i drank. this morning is quite rough lads.

Why are you happy

I don't trust that

happy birthdayd ian

ian i missed you friend

Ready to hunt scum. This closed setup has me wondering what roles yns dreamed up.

@mafiabot lynch @KrazyKat

its a birthday party! its your birthday! i love you very very very much