yns mafia end thread

kyle got massively outplayed

this exchange made it all worth it

yns outplayed by iaafr

I was close.

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kyle's just mad because he thought he got mafia but everyone got mafia

poor gamut he was like 'is everyone scum but me' and he was right


tbh serves him right for trying to bi erase me


Glad i didnt sign

you were banned you couldnt sign

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thank @roragok for your timeout instead

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Well, that was gay.



these last few games are awful

hosts keep meming setups for their own benefit instead of just hosting games that are fun for players.

Why should players get to have all the fun?


the focus of a host shouldn't be their own fun it should be the players fun lmao

you idiots are just selfish and only care about your own entertainment.

why do you think it's pretty typical for ppl to thank the host?

thanks for host @yns! It was fun