yns mafia end thread

Bazinga died last night

day will end sometime soon

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@mafiabot startday 3936

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

ian, Friend, slowdive, KrazyKat, Gamut,

Alive Players - 5

Majority Vote - 3


Actually at this point it’s just egregious griefing

Friend slowdive and kkat are victorious as mafia team #3

Iaafr Kyle epok scum team 1

Fmu Ian bazinga scum team 2

Slowdive kkat friend scum team 3

Gamut cop

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Would’ve been funnier if FMU didn’t post his role PM day 1

but that was kind of funny anyways

GG. Nice setup

I fuckin knew it. Also fake pm my ass lol


Why weren't there any other night kills

If there was a majority between the 3 teams (n1 you and iaafr team chose fmu) I pick that otherwise I was gonna roll for one night kill

Host next

GG. Fun setup.

gg thx for host

FMU should be banned for ruining the RNG between all scum teams


im acutally really just done with retarded setups. can someone just thost a fucking vanilla