You are reset to the age of 4, but your parents are someone from this forum who you get to choose - who do you choose?

I choose @huber to be my dad because he seems like he’d be a chill dad and I know that he’s looking to be one.

I’d choose @jones for my mom because she is a girl

I would choose myself for both mom and dad (two dads?)

I think I would be a pretty fair dad although maybe a little demanding. It would be fun to play my 2 alternate selves against each other to get what I want. I think I already have a leg up in this area due to my solid understanding of myself and how my brain works - a topic I like to think about and talk about a lot.

Nice thread btw

thanks son

I’d rather be an orphan than have any of you degen fucks as parents

Can I have a single parent. And capgrass

Sure but it may not be ideal for your development

can @rose be my sister



Majority of the users on here already call me daddy.

ya already my sons so what changes?

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nmagane to be my dad and gigi hadid as my mom

shit would be sick

Not me

Krazy Kat and Nyte

REFPSI can be my older brother

Pretty sure the answer is Paine/Capgrass

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I would choose Ewiz (Dad) and Alightsoul (Mother)

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You’re gonna have a real fucked up childhood