You Can Count On Osiris To Be Passive Aggressive

And Not Have Any Redeemable Qualities To Make Up For It

Why was he dooming the undying?

undying has abilties that do things

Osiris walks high-ground -- gets blown up

Such an interesting thread. Ive bookmarked this one.


Is that Doom is see in my single draft pool? insta-locks

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ngl i clicked the tower and stared at my hero

goodluck with the low priority games

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No offense guys but theres no way this had to be a thread right? You guys just wanted attention?

we're literally keeping this forum afloat you have to forgive some eccentricities

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Your man boobs must be acting as flotation devices.


yoiu guys have been doing admirably but maybe you might need a break? i'll tag in for you or jones

Osiris is doing great recently I support him. Most improved moderator

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<19:37:22> Osiris: im gonna smoke some pot (dont tell jones)
<20:02:32> Osiris: i was even higher last night
<20:02:47> Osiris: i ate 3 gummies


dota pre-gaming

Thanks for lettings us know. We agree this is an issue and are looking into it

we do it for chris