You suddenly get shaken violently

In a confused daze you open your eyes, only to be met with kittens laying on top of you.

"Come on! You're going to miss the underlords tournament!"

You try to get your thoughts together, but you find yourself overwhelmed by the state of things. She leans down closer to your ear ; " We still have a bit more time to have... fun "

You quickly search for the baseball bat you hid next to your bed, but you are unable to find it, flailing awkwardly, you get embarassed. " WHERE IS NYTE?" You scream, you push her off the bed violently and she goes tumbling down to the floor, coyly getting back up and sitting on her knees, her pink hair are now falling over her forehead in delicate locks. "Nyte? Not this again... She's gone! It's been almost a year! I'm so fucking tired of this!" She exclaims.

You get up in a maddened rage and kick a gaming chair standing in the middle of the room (You have no idea how it got there.) " Get the FUCK out of my house!, you stupid fucking bitch! Get OUT! " You scream at the top of your lungs, your voice cracking all the way.

You completely lose your temper and begin to crazily manhandle her out of the house. She's trying to say something but you're completely berserk, hearing it as a melody of gibberish, you get her all the way to the door, holding her down with one hand, you open the door as she kicks and screams to break out of your hold. You manage to get the door open, push her with both hands and she goes flying off the front steps into the snow.

You close the door and go back inside, sweating and breathing heavily. Start searching for the pack of cigarettes you left unfinished yesterday.

You light up a smoke, and sit in the chair you kicked over, you blow the smoke over to the ceiling, and look out the window.

It's a cloudy day outside.

Dark willow fan fiction is better.

nyte is some evil az-zahir shit; stay away.

Life is beautiful.