Zelenskyy calls on world leaders to react to video of murder of Ukrainian prisoner of war

When will Russians invest in nets

basic cammie nets can help a lot against grenades but idk how much good it would do against drones. you're probably only seeing the shitty fighting positions the ukrainians take fairly easily and make propaganda videos out of anyway. if there's one thing the russian army is still decent at it's sapping and entrenching so there are probably strong positions you just don't see them because they don't get taken, instead you see the chumps who get left out in the breeze

a lot of these videos show entire forests just blasted to sticks so hiding is almost impossible anyway. you just dig a deep enough trench and pray the drone doesn't pick you

Well they would stop these grenades from getting dropped on their heads and those smaller suicide drones don’t look big enough to me to just go through netting and not get fucked up

I wish the Russians released more videos like the ukranians but I guess they have a little bit more professionalism and don’t just have autonomous military units doing and posting whatever they want outside of a select few

the market for watching russians get smoked is just larger than for the ukrainians. plus a lot of these units are supplied by crowdfunding randos online and part of the rewards is getting a slogan written on munitions or getting 'content' uploaded justifying people spending on them.

a lot of russian content that leaks out is shit like this. digging a jail pit for guys they accuse of getting high instead of fighting. no gore but it's disturbing to watch. video is too large to upload


them castrating some guy during the first year, the beheading this year, torturing prisoners or repatriated pow's etc

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There were the Sparta battalion drone grenade videos, the edited video of Russian SFs smoking ukranians, the cartwheeling Russian who smoked two ukranians and some other ones I’m sure

But yea far less content, also I think some of these atrocity videos are fake just like the ones of “ukranians” doing fucked up shit to their own soldiers are fake too like the one video of a supposedly ukranian officer throwing a grenade in a room with a group of ukranian soldiers who refused to follow his orders