Zelenskyy calls on world leaders to react to video of murder of Ukrainian prisoner of war

How many years did you live in Ukraine? When did you move to the US?

azov brigade

who cares lmao

what's worse the murder of george floyd or russian war crimes????

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0 years.

I am married to Ukrainian. Moved to US from Russia in 1998.

I have had many conversations/interactions and that's just my experience.

They are the most butt hurt culture I have dealt with directly.

Thanks to all for posting in my thread

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They believe Russian people want the war, that we want their territory etc.

While Putin is just doesnt want USA in his backyard.

Yes start a war then lmao

I dont want neighbors. Im going to bomb their infrastructure

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it is fascinating hearing all the different versions of cope for russia

the three main talking points of the Coalition of Cope (yns, jones, +auxiliaries)

  • nato expansion bad (a direct result of countries wanting to join because russia has a recent track record of disregarding prior treaties or just occupying neighboring countries at will)
  • western degeneracy is soft unlike russian degeneracy which is tough and manly
  • other countries do bad things so russia should get to do bad things as much as they want

Also some kind of dumbass rationalization of power. Some insane belief that people like putin can do whatever they want, and by way of doing so are strong leaders. In reality, people that dont behave in an acceptable way, people who skirt some invisible checks and balances that keep the world civilized, end up costing mankind much more than they benefit. They become a problem that has to be solved in such a way that involves stooping down to their level, the world becoming less civilized. If this continues for a long time, it could mean nuclear war, it could mean the end of us all.

But this makes sense. I get the feeling that people like yns dont look at the world as if they should follow the rules. Instead, they look for holes in the invisible social contract that keeps the world civil. Holes that they can jump through with minimal recourse, and profit from without actually doing any work or building any character. They admire those that are capable of doing the same but on a larger scale. Unfortunately someone like yns lacks the intellect or foresight to see how such shortcuts must inevitably end, or he just doesnt care.

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i can't find the quote right now but hitler claimed one of the strongest things about fascism is it makes other countries become more fascist to combat you. not that i would call putin a fascist in a traditional sense but yea


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Western degeneracy is very unique - it is a pursuit of the relinquishment of all bounds (moral, culturally, physically) in favor of some insane concept of freedom for the individual. Ex: the arguments for abortion were vastly more complex 40-50 years ago (and they were bad then), but now it's just "it's a woman's right to choose" (individualism) or "they'll get them anyway" (insano utilitarianism). Climate change? Wealth inequality? They're ultimately ideological crusades to develop something that is post-scarcity, with free energy or the socialist-commune utopia: both are expressed through a lens of American Protestantism and manifest as some weird worship death cult.