Zeus Discussion Thread

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why is he the best hero

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nimbus is very busted but seeing redditors cry about it is really entertaining so im on the fence about whether or not it should get nerfed.

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zeus is basially worthless as anything other than mid and in mid it goes even at BEST against virtually every matchup and theres several matchups that are instant game loss

like if the other team picks zeus just go kunkka mid. youll outright win the game off of that alone because youll be level 10 when hes level 5 or 6

zeus is so fucking bad mid if the other team just actually plays dota (see why it isnt picked in most pro games) but pubs arent pro games so any nerf to nimbus would just make the entire concept of “sucks early but strong later” worthless and there would be no point in picking the hero ever

personally. i think his early game should be buffed in some way and in exchange nimbus nerfed a bit, but cest la vie. the fact that reddit cries about strcitly nerfing nimbus or zeus without realizing that theres other better pub stompers like TA or brood is funny to me

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I’m a big fan of zeus in my braindead normal matches because I can provide support early on, take a lane when a core is tilted, and deward without buying sentries

I knew Zeus would be a popular topic for heroes which is why I started from the bottom. God Zeus is stupid in pubs, I really should just start going “mid or feed” and running down heroes with Zeus…